Wednesday, January 31, 2024

WealthTrace - Comprehensive retirement planning software


WealthTrace is one of the most respected retirement planners on the market. Using WealthTrace's financial planning software for individuals you can take control of your retirement and find out how likely you are to have enough money--and what you can do to change your financial situation if necessary. 

The power of financial advisor planning software is now available to you, the consumer for personal use. It includes the following features:

·         Import and link all your accounts

WealthTrace allows you to aggregate all of your investment accounts. If you import your accounts the holdings and balances will update each day, ensuring that your financial plan is always up to date. If you don't want to link accounts you can manually input investments and holdings.

WealthTrace is the only planning software that imports each individual holding in investment accounts and uses that information for the most accurate projections.

·         Adjust assumptions

Retirement planning requires making some assumptions for unknowns. This lets you adjust tax rates, inflation, and even asset allocation in the future. The last one is useful as most people shift to a safer asset allocation with lower returns as they get older.

·         Projected Performance

WealthTrace looks at the historical performance of your investments and uses that to predict future performance. Predictions of future performance are just that “predictions.” WealthTrace gives you Monte Carlo Simulations where they look at many different things that could happen in the future and let you know the odds of success.

View the probability of running out of money in retirement by running Monte Carlo simulations on your financial plan. Run what-if scenarios on Roth conversions, higher inflation, changing tax rates, changed asset allocation, and Social Security. Find out how your portfolio and financial plan hold up under various historical recessions.

·         Live Customer Support

·         Rental Property Analysis

You can model rental income and the sale of real estate. I’m specifically looking into this scenario with one of our properties right now. It’s a pain to calculate manually. I’ve set up a spreadsheet to do most of the number crunching. However, many people would like software that just does it for you.

·         Have a WealthTrace expert guide you through your plan online.


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