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Can you Find a Match with PerfectMatch?

Perfect Match is one of the largest online matchmaking sites on the internet, with more than 15 million members. Perfect Match is not your typical dating site. When you visit Perfect Match, the first thing you notice is that it's divided into two sections: a section for singles, who are looking for love, and a section for those who are already married. For the purposes of this review, we will focus on the singles section of Perfect Match, where singles can come to find “the one” for whom they are a perfect match.

The Perfect Match compatibility system was developed by Dr. Pepper Schwarz, a sociology professor and sexologist who has written numerous books about human relationships and sexuality. The Duet Compatibility system is based on the Myers-Briggs personality test and is intended to match prospective daters on the basis of their “whole selves” (that is to say, not just their hobbies and interests, but on their personality, values, ideal, life and “lovestyle”). The aim of the Duet system is to ensure that members are matched based on long-term compatibility, which should, in theory, result in steady, durable relationships.

The duet system demands that users devote a fairly extensive period of time to completing the questionnaire. Depending on the amount of thought you give to each question, this questionnaire will take you between 1 and 2 hours to complete. Once your questionnaire is complete, the system will begin trying to find compatible matches for you using its patented Compatibility Matching System. Once matches are sent to you, you will be able to view the profiles of your matches and decide whether or not to initiate contact with them.

There is also a special filter opportunity of the “dealbreakers” – special qualifications which, if the person doesn’t match exactly, mean it’s not going to happen. These characteristics can be positive, or negative. So, you may use the filter to block the people with particular traits or cultural background you would like to exclude from your personal consideration, like people of a particular race or age, or those who aren’t (or are) religious.

The site offers users a range of options for contacting other potential matches, including email and “ice breaker” questions and, quite unusually for online matchmaking sites, a range of video chat functions.

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Main Features

  • Perfect Match uses the patented 'Duet Compatibility system' - ensuring total compatibility between matched singles.
  • Unlike some other matchmaking sites, Perfect Match helps you to get matched on the whole you, not just on your hobbies and interests.
  • The Duet Compatibility system is based on more than 30 years of sociological research by Dr. Pepper Schwarz.
  • The system takes into account the member's personality, values, ideals, life and 'lovestyle'.
  • The sophisticated and easy to follow system probes into both “similarity” and “complementary” personality features in a bid to match users perfectly.
  • The Perfect match system is endorsed by numerous leading academics and relationship experts.
  • Use comprehensive search tools to delve deeper into the Perfect Match community, finding matches that may not have been suggested by the duet system (opposites attract, after all!)
  • Use Icebreaker questions - a quick and easy way to say hello.
  • Dating on Demand - use a range of video dating tools to enhance the online dating experience.
  • Read extensive Perfect Match success stories.
  • Read a great list of dating 'do's and don'ts', advice and more.
  • FAQ's and Technical Support.

Current Costs

Users of have the opportunity to take the compatibility test and check out the available matches on the site completely free of charge. In order to have access to all of the features available on (including having the ability to contact other members), it is necessary to upgrade to premium subscription. The cost of doing so differs according to the length of subscription, as follows:
  • 1 Month: $59.95
  • 2 Months: $79.90
  • 3 Months: $110.85
  • 4 Months: $139.95
  • 6 Months: $199.95

Free Membership

Free 2 months membership included registration (Email address, member name, password, postal code, country) and ability to create a profile:
·         About Me is your public face on and is the first step in creating your profile
o    First name, date of birth, relationship status (single, divorced, widowed) and location
o    Seeking relationship with man or woman and age range
o    Occupation
o    Income
o    Appearance: eye/hair color, height, body type
o    Ethnicity
o    Languages you speak
·         DealBreakers - Prospective couples need to make sure they are in sync on important lifestyle choices. While you could be just right for each other as personalities, this DealBreaker section allows you to identify qualities and personal choices that will satisfy both you and your partner
o    I don’t believe I would be compatible with someone who possesses the following qualities… (e.g. homebody, sports fanatic, talkative, workaholic)
o    My personal choices would be… (choose ethnicity)
o    I would like my relationship to be with someone who lives…
·         Duet Test  - compatibility profiler doesn't match people simply because they have similar character traits. It actually describes and explains complete personality types. Based on the same theory that inspired the famous Myers Briggs Type Indicator, this is the only test of its kind and it is the only one that tells you which traits your partner should share and which should be different. Featured on The Dr. Phil Show, this is one of the most sophisticated and effective romantic matching tool on or off the internet. The Duet Compatibility Test includes eight pages of six true or false questions per page. Each page is considered an element. These eight elements are:
o    Romantic Impulsivity
o    Personal Energy
o    Outlook
o    Predictability
o    Flexibility
o    Decision Making Style
o    Emotionality
o    Self-Nurturing
Once the Duet Compatibility Test is complete, you receive your similarity test results. These are personality types that are "similar" to your type. There are four different types. A percentage is given of how many members match your type. provides you with a description of each type and what that personality type means
·         Additional profile information:
o    Background & Values - This part of your profile allows other members to explore your favorite interests and lifestyle preferences. It gives them a picture of your daily life. Through your answers, your perfect match will know your likes and dislikes. Each question or statement below allows you to select single or multiple predefined words:
o    Core Values assessment test
o    Love and Money assessment test
o    Words my friends and family use to describe me
o    Which things about me would a person have to like, or at least tolerate, in order to be a good match?
o    Political View
o    Education
o    Religion
o    Religious Practices
o    Environmental views
o    Love & Lovestyle
o    Lovestyle test
o    When meeting a friend I’m usually…
o    Children and Family
o    Drinking
o    Smoking
o    Which best describes my approach to food…
o    A visit to my home and you will find it…
o    My sense of humor is…
o    Hobbies and Interests
o    Sports activities I participate in
o    I enjoy reading the following…
o    When it comes to music, I prefer…
o    My favorite romantic gestures
o    When it comes to pets, I prefer…
o    Approach to money
o    In My Words
o    Introduction
o    Personal Statement
o    Multiple short essay questions on subjects like accomplishments, family, and favorite date locations
o    Add photos by uploading, email or regular mail

Free membership does not include:
·         Advanced searching
·         Communicating with other singles
·         Access to “Ask Dr. Schwartz”
·         Unlimited access to profiles
·         Highlighted profile

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  • Very few guaranteed match suggestions
  • It can take hours to days to receive match suggestions
  • Lengthy registration process
  • No instant messaging
  • No mobile online dating services

Dating for Seniors is realizing the high potency of the seniors’ market for the online dating. There are no special features, different from the main site, which will be particular for the related age group. However, for convenience, there is a separate section of the site dedicated for seniors:

By default, the age for search is setup from 55 to 75, but you can change it anytime, while preparing for your search.

User Reviews

While online reviewers, multimedia, and press love this site and present it at the top of the list, be aware that the users’ reviews are mixed. There are multiple complaints on the message boards from unsatisfied and even angry customers. Frankly, there are more negative reviews than positive…

 One of the negative reviews: “Anyone considering using a match/online dating service, please heed my warning. Do not sign up for This service is a textbook bait and switch service. They will show you different profiles before you sign up than you will find after you have paid your money and have become a member. Also I have tried to contact this "business" and every number does one of three things: rings nonstop, always busy, or disconnected. Do not sign up on! I assure you, your experience will be just like the pages of people who have complained already. Save your money and go elsewhere”.

We do recommend make your own homework before buying the membership at And actually, going further in our personal recommendations, we do not recommend this site, no matter how attractive it may look…

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