Saturday, March 31, 2012

Retirement Plan App for Android Smart Phone

Life continues after retirement, and your ability to achieve certain degree of financial independence at this period is based on your successful preparation all your life, and in high degree at your pre-retirement period. In general, in this life stage you probably have already gained some professional status, your kids do not require your financial support at full capacity, and you can design your future as much as you can.

Unfortunately, for some people it is too late to achieve their financial goals at retirement, if the process of elaborate planning is not initiated earlier in life. As you understand, the long the preparation footprint, easier to accumulate the necessary funds in your 401K, CDs, savings, and other assets (as real estate and stock market).

The Retirement Plan is a free application for Android smart phones, developed to help you to arrange the long-term retirement planning.

The main functions of the application are:
- Calculate how much do you need for your retirement.
- Estimate when you can retire based on your investment portfolio
- Detail report for you to monitor your retirement plan

Author: Angus Leigh

Cost: Free


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