Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NestEgg Estimator for Android

NestEgg Estimator, developed by MakeThisApp, has been rated as one of the Top-10 Financial Planning Must-Have apps for Android. This app will assist you in personal planning of your finances protecting you and your money from wrong business decision, assessing your income, taxes, assets and debt. You can supply as little or as much information as you want for application to perform analysis -- more detailed and accurate data will translate to the more valid results. Using the application, you can play with different scenarios and plans, like expensive purchases, other expenses, job changes. and more. The software will be handy for financial planning, retirement planning, or even will help you making important one-time decisions: can I afford to purchase the particular item (real estate, vacation package, etc.).

You can do all of this and more:

  • View year by year financial simulation of your income, expenses, assets, taxes, and debt.
  • View financial lifetime chart of your income, expenses, assets, taxes, and debt.
  • View year by year breakdown of expenses.
  • Organize/itemize your daily living and entertainment expenses.
  • Calculate savings at retirement.
  • Determine if you will outlive your savings.
  • Try different scenarios: retire early, keep working, major purchases, etc.
  • Maximize your 401k, IRA, or Roth contributions.
  • See if you'll need to take an early distribution from a retirement plan.
  • Taxes, penalties, before-tax contributions, mandatory distributions are applied.
  • Ability to customize income, expenses, assets by time horizon, change rate, and taxable status.
  • Modify tax rates for other jurisdictions/countries.
  • Answer the question: Can I afford it (for any purchase or life event)?

The app stores all information locally on your device. No information is transmitted across the web, sent to a website, or sent to another app.

A setup wizard allows quick data entry of common items. An Options menu allows you to alter age, retirement age, state/provincial tax rates, local tax rates inflation rate, tax deductions and 401k contributions.

In these turbulent economic times, it is critical to have the confidence and plan to achieve your goals and reach financial independence. Eliminate worry and uncertainty about national debt, personal debt and stock market crashes with a projection of your future financial state.

The NestEgg Estimator is a retirement planner, retirement calculator, and a generic cash flow simulator -- a personal financial planner in your pocket. In a few minutes, you will get a clear picture of your savings, expenses, and debt for every year of your life.


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Rating: 4.8 (from 4 reviewers)

Cost: $1.99


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