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ExecPlan Express – Personal Financial Planning and Retirement Planning Software

ExecPlan Express is an easy to use fully integrated financial planning software system designed to create powerful and effective financial and tax planning solutions. It enables you to create comprehensive financial plans and analyze an individual's personal finance over the entire life expectancy in any level of detail you desire. Within minutes you will be able to print a variety of professionally formatted reports supported with customized charts, graphs and schedules. Its intuitive design allows both a financial novice or a financial service professional the ability to appreciate its usefulness for quickly and efficiently analyzing alternative retirement planning scenarios, evaluating life insurance needs , assessing estate tax liabilities, reviewing investment planning strategies, incorporating asset allocation strategies, or managing income taxes before deciding on a personal financial planning strategy. Whether using it for a comprehensive retirement planning strategy, implementing an income tax planning objective, or building a simple cash flow analysis, the combination of its design, analytical capabilities, automated tax computations and powerful presentations will make it one of your most widely used software tools.

Main Features

  • Comprehensive analytical financial & estate planning capabilities
  • Seamlessly integrated data that flows through all components of the plan
  • Exceptionally detailed retirement planning capabilities with spans up to 99 years
  • Interactive investment, cash flow, income tax and estate analysis
  • Integrated analysis for children's education funding and investment planning
  • Federal & State income tax analysis including AMT
  • Year by year reporting with detailed Balance Sheet, Income & Cash Flow Statements
  • Provides Capital Needs Analysis in easy to understand text and graphic formats
  • Automatically generates death and disability scenarios for each spouse
  • Prepares Estate related reports and flow charts for any year of your planning horizon
  • Simple and intuitive design that is easy to understand and use
  • Accommodates data entry in any magnitude of detail you desire
  • A personal financial profile report that can be created from a variety of text, graphs & charts
  • Versatile tool that provides a quick what-if scenario analyzer
  • All data, assumptions and details can be customized based on specifics of a plan

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Easy To Use Application

  • Retirement Planning Software made easy, with a fully integrated intuitive design
  • Easy step by step data entry through a simple tab structure
  • Automatic projection and consolidation of all data entered at any time
  • Automated calculations for Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) for qualified plans
  • Automated cash management simulation option with purchases and/or liquidations overrides
  • Input data verification and validation to ensure no errors in creating a retirement strategy
  • Data entry help screens for assets, liabilities, income, expenses, insurance
  • Automated modification of data for Retirement, Death or Disability of either spouse
  • Extensive context sensitive help screens for data items
  • Online tutorials designed to guide the professional financial advisor in the right direction
  • Intuitive screens and easy to use tabs showing magnitude of plan being built
  • The easiest financial planning software to learn in minutes with easy to follow tutorial
  • Build a comprehensive retirement projections with up to a 99 year planning period
  • Create a financial plan by entering detailed data or a single summary amount
  • Enter only the data applicable in a case or scenario and skip the rest
  • Self formatting reports that can be customized to meet the needs of any professional advisor
  • Create a truly personal financial analysis by printing any or all the reports you want
  • Text reporting into MS Word for an easy to generate professional planning presentations
  • Reports that can be printed or saved to MS Excel for modification or for client editing
  • Easy to use and understand graphing and charting capabilities

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  • Extensive capabilities to increase your productivity and accuracy
  • Data entry needed only once to reflect an item or information
  • Versatile tool to analyze what-if scenarios for financial alternatives
  • Dynamic integration to analyze the full effects of a data change
  • Automatically generates planning options for retirement, death & disability
  • Simple one click change between scenarios
  • Estate reports reflect both scenarios when either spouse predeceases the other
  • Income tax computations and accounting rules are automatically applied
  • All States and Local taxes are built-in
  • Automatic Cash Management simulation, Retirement and Capital Needs Analysis
  • Unlimited number of entries for expenses, assets, liabilities, insurance, or income
  • Annual adjustment for valuation and premiums on Cash value life insurance policies
  • Ability to link an annual cash distributions to a Cash value life insurance policies
  • User defined rate of return for investing excess cash flow
  • Buy or sell any asset at any time to create a truly personal financial planning solution
  • Structure a Long Term Care analysis at any point during the retirement period
  • LTC policies can be modeled with varying benefits or expenses
  • Tremendous range of built-in information and computations
  • Federal taxes are built-in and regularly updated for advance tax planning objectives
  • User ability to sunset 2001/2003 tax act or to override it
  • Ability to plan for retirees with lifetime dependent children
  • Financial assessments for divorced spouses
  • Variety of reports and supporting schedules
  • Life insurance analysis for both client and spouse
  • Disability needs analysis for both client and spouse

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Powerful, Features Rich Application

  • Comprehensive design that can accommodate any budgeting scenarios
  • Totally integrated financial profiles that span full lives of the client and spouse
  • A personal finance software with integrated education planning illustrations
  • Fully integrated Income Tax Planning, Estate Tax Planning & Life Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Year by year control on data valuations for investments, sources of funds, and uses of funds.
  • Model various sources of income including self employed income, social security exempt
    wages, investment income, tax free income and Social Security income
  • Automatic reduction of benefit and taxation on Social Security income.
  • Automatic tax calculations for self employment income
  • User defined inflation for income, expenses and tax related calculations
  • Ability to model numerous types of investments and business interests
  • Model any amortized loan (personal, mortgage or investment) at any point during retirement
  • Special data formatting for rental properties, 529 Plans, Roth IRAs & other qualified plans
  • Accommodate gifting or charitable objectives or evaluate a Roth IRA conversions
  • Project the impact of a home refinancing or downsizing your primary residence
  • Evaluate the benefits of downsizing your primary residence in your retirement
  • Provide detailed budgeting reports on year by year expenses
  • Create a reverse mortgage to fund retirement needs
  • Provide detailed reporting on a diversified investment portfolio
  • Reposition assets at any time to minimize investment risk or provide investment liquidity
  • Review the suitability to fund cash value life insurance for a specific financial goal
  • Integrate corporate, municipal, or government bonds into your investment portfolio
  • Capture the appropriate tax consequences from any investment reallocation strategy
  • Compare different investment allocation for long term net worth and income tax objectives
  • Evaluate 'real' net rate of return, the rate of return less actual tax liability, for any asset
  • Assess the financial liability for buying, or selling an investment property or business interest
  • Compare different tax and investment planning strategies for different personal risk tolerances
  • Integrated Federal, State and Local income tax calculations
  • Personalized year by year Income, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements
  • Summary report that organizes income, retirement, and life insurance needs on one report
  • Automated 401k, IRA contributions and Required Minimum Distributions on a yearly basis
  • More advance calculations for IRAs and 401k such as Catch-Up contributions
  • Detailed income tax analysis including AMT, Charitable and medical expense limitations
  • Automatic phase out calculation for qualified dividend tax rates
  • Capital Needs Analysis in easy to understand text and graphical illustration for all scenarios
  • Prepares estate related reports and flow charts for any year of your planning horizon
  • Estate projections for Simple Wills, UTC Wills, A/B Wills, and Optimized Wills
  • Retirement planning software that can integrate advanced estate planning capabilities
    including ILTs, QPRTs, CRATs, GRATs
  • User defined graphs for creating custom and personalized financial reports
  • Text Reports that are generated to Microsoft Word
  • Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Estate Reports that can be saved to Microsoft Excel
Pricing:  1-User License with 3 months of maintenance and support - $299

Free Trial: You can use the full-featured trial software version for 30 days from the day you install the package.

System requirements: Windows 98 or higher, 64 MB RAM, and 100 MB Hard drive space.


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