Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Will you get enough for retirement? Quick Advice for you!

In one of the recent reviews, respectable financial source CNN Money Magazine selected QuickAdvice Tool as the top choice among multiple reviewed free online retirement calculators. It comes from the 401(k) advisory firm Guided Choice, co-founded by Nobel laureate Harry Markowitz.

The QuickAdvice tool utilizes the same heavy-duty professional software, which is applied for the evaluation of more than 1.5 million 401(k) participants on the commercial platform, but its online free version is adapted for maximized simplicity and user-friendliness.

What's best: Instead of a single projection, you'll get estimates of your after-tax monthly income if the markets are hot, cold, or lukewarm in the coming years.

You simply fill the required information and navigate through 4 pages, and after you are done, you will get GuidedChoice QuickAdvice Results on the last page. You may always go back to change your inputs to see how that impact on the received outcomes. Our engine does take into account projected inflation, but then it converts the final monthly income figure into the equivalent of today's dollars for easier comparison.


The service is free and no registration is needed.


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