Sunday, January 15, 2012

RetirePilot for iPhone

WealthDefender's RetirePilot offers a comprehensive and powerful enterprise class retirement planning analytics package in iPhone app format. It allows you to enter retirement-relevant personal information and goals, and add your current investment allocations by asset category on the Profile page. After launching this app, it asks the users for a few basic details such as Date of Birth, Retirement Savings, Current Annual Income, Current Annual Spending, Expected Retirement Age and Retirement Spending.

After the input of all required information, you can follow two options: analyzing the current status of your retirement savings, or get recommendations on how to optimize the allocation to reach your retirements goals.

When you choose the "None" option on the Optimize page and select Analyze, the app simply quantifies the probability of successfully fulfillment of your financial retirement expectations. If this probability of success is too low for comfort, you can ask RetirePilot to calculate an adjustment to any of the following to bring your probability of success up to any level you specify: Asset Allocation, Initial Investment Balance, Pre-Retirement Income, Pre-Retirement Spending, Retirement Spending, Retirement Income, or Retirement Age. By selecting Analyze, you can see how these would need to be adjusted in order to meet retirement goals.


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System requirements:
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
  • Internet connection is required for the apps to work.

Cost: Free

Developers’ website:

About Developer - Levine Services, LCC:

The principal has been designing and implementing risk and finance optimization software solutions for over 20 years. His expertise includes investment and portfolio optimization, risk management, trading systems, and technology delivery. Dr. Levine has published three finance books and is working on a fourth. He holds Doctorate of Finance, Postgraduate Diploma, Masters of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Science Economics degrees from University of California-Berkeley, SMC University, Baruch College, and New York University.


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