Sunday, November 11, 2012

YouRetire - Retirement Planner and Savings Calculator for iPhone

Due to the recent successes of the medicine and science, more and more people are going to live long lives. Would it not be great if you could live that long and beyond and not have to worry about money after you retire.

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YouRetire Plus is an innovative App, which visually shows the projected value of savings income against required retirement income. It also calculates the post retirement needs with your estimate of your life expectancy.

YouRetire Plus reports calculate all the key items people require to start their retirement planning.

With YouRetire Plus you can play around with different scenarios and save them for future reference. You can also email the results to friends or professional advisors.

YouRetire iPlus is very easy to use and with great look and feel, it helps you start your retirement planning.

You can calculate, analyze, save, and share your reports in text or PDF formats via email.

YouRetire has the following features:

- Graphical Chart View
- Text result Report Views
- Projected Future Value of Retirement Savings
- Estimated Value of Required Retirement Income
- Calculate Desired Income at Retirement
- Calculation of Shortfall in future Retirement Income
- Easy and Intuitive Data Input
- Save your Retirement Reports
- Open your Saved Reports
- Email Your Results in Text and PDF
- Automatic Currency Support. Currency can be changed within the International setting of the device.
- Full Glossary


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Cost: $4.99

Developers’ website:


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